I believes we are all bridges into each others hearts. How can we make a bridge if we can’t even have a conversation? I am wanting and willing to have those conversations and i invite you to come with me on this extraordinary venture. As i sleeps under the stars, discovers new towns, find the courage and excitement to travel with me . Take my hand as i lead you to the dark and scary places we have all built up in our minds. The only pre requisite is a willingness to show up and open up. I hope to blow your mind with the only thing that ever could; love.

I plan to interview the full spectrum of life.

  • Common folks and Criminals
  • Rapists and Racists
  • Homeless and Millionaires
  • Aging and Young
  • Tattooed and Pierced
  • Famous and Infamous
  • Addicts and Alcoholics
  • Dying and Lonely
  • Victims and Victors
  • Single and Married
  • Illiterate and Degreed


Be sure to listen.  Lorne does not just ask questions.  Lorne takes you on a journey that will stretch your boundaries, scramble your mind and redefine who we think we are.


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