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“We will never be free until
we are willing to love everyone –

Lorne Rubinoff   The Search for Innocence

No one knows what the search for innocence looks like.  There is no road map.  There are only signposts.  I will be traveling in a Volkswagen camper. My goal is to set out on the road of life looking for the people who scare us, the people we don’t understand, and the people we want to condemn, in order to find the places where we all connect, the places where we are all human, the place we call love.

I want to interview people who have been separated out and put in a box that we call “darkness” that we call “inappropriate” “bad” “disgusting”. I want to interview those people who have been forgotten…those who we don’t care about anymore, because I really do believe that those people represent to us that which we’re most afraid to feel within our own beings.

We’re afraid that if we’re in their presence we will feel disgusting, we will feel uncared about, we will feel relocated to the role of outcast. I really do believe that. I know that feeling and I can share specific experiences in my life that if it’s appropriate for me to share with somebody I will. I know what it is to feel like that and I believe that everybody does. But we try to fool ourselves into believing that we’re better than that – that’s not us – and we don’t feel that way. In the presence of that, it scares the hell out of us, and we run away. And what I want to do is to stay and meet it in the person who you think is disgusting,.. stay and see that person’s innocence, and, I can literally guarantee you that if you stay and see the innocence of another you will find your own innocence. I promise you that is the truth. I know that is the truth. And as you read these words, you do too.

I believe we are all bridges into each others hearts.  How can we make a bridge if we can’t even have a conversation?  I am willing to have these conversations and I invite you to come with me on my extraordinary adventure.  I hope you find the courage to travel with me. Take my hand as I lead you to the dark and scary places we have all built up in our minds.  The only pre-requisite is a willingness to show up and open up.  I hope to blow your mind with the only thing that ever could; love.

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    “We will never be free until we are willing to love everyone – No exceptions.”
    Lorne Rubinoff

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